Component: Text label

Text label component

The Text label component can be used to label components, icons, and areas in a diagram, increasing readability and visual appeal.


The toolbar is displayed when selecting a component, and allow you to customize the visual of your label to your liking.

  • Color. Select a predefined color or enter the hexadecimal value for the color. Accepts the same color for both 2D and 3D view, or different colors for each.
  • Toggle 3D/2D projection. Display the label in 3D or 2D view.
  • Toggle flat/standing projection. Display the label flat or standing. Not available when 2D projection is toggled.
  • Size. The size of the text label. Accepts a maximum value of 112.
  • Rotate item. Rotate a text label component and change its direction.
  • Outline. Add an outline to the text label for increased color contrast.


In the Cloudcraft API, a text label is represented in JSON.

  "type": "isotext",
  "id": "8f2a0f5f-c373-42dd-b4df-f06f455f5f94",
  "mapPos": [3.5, 9],
  "text": "Hello world!",
  "textSize": 56,
  "isometric": true,
  "standing": false,
  "direction": "down",
  "outline": true,
  "color": {
    "2d": "#000000",
    "isometric": "#000000"
  "link": "",
  "locked": true
  • type: isotext. The type of component.
  • id: string. A unique identifier for the component in the uuid format.
  • mapPos: [number, number]. The position of the component in the blueprint, expressed as a x,y coordinate pair.
  • text: string. The text used for the label.
  • textSize: number. The size of the text label. Defaults to 25.
  • isometric: boolean. If true, the label is displayed using a 3D projection, while false displays the label in a 2D projection. Defaults to true.
  • standing: boolean. If true, displays the label in a standing position instead of flat. Defaults to false.
  • direction: string. The rotation or direction of the label. Accepts down, up, right, left as value, with down as the default.
  • outline: boolean. If true, adds an outline to the text to increase color contrast. Defaults to false.
  • color: object. The fill color for the component.
    • isometric: string. Fill color for the component in 3D view. Must be an hexadecimal color.
    • 2d: string. Fill color for the component in 2D view. Must be an hexadecimal color.
  • link: uri. Link component to another diagram in the blueprint://ID format or to external website in the https://LINK format.
  • locked: boolean. If true, changes to the component through the application are disabled until unlocked.